The Marsiliana Tablet Abecedarium

The Marsiliana Tablet Abecedarium (700 BCE)   The earliest Estruscan abecedarium, the Marsiliana d’Albegna tablet, which dates to c. 700 VCE. (View Larger) It is not clear whether the process of adaptation of the Old Italic or Etruscan alphabet from the Greek alphabet took place in Italy in the city of Cumae, the first Greek colony on the mainland of

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Etruscan Civilisation

  Etruscan 8th – 1st century BC edited by: Daniele F. Maras (translation by Melanie Rockenhaus) Etruscan is the oldest writing system among those of the pre-Roman populations of the Italian peninsula. The history of its development is directly connected to the birth of western alphabetic writing systems, codified beginning from the Phoenician model with Greek mediation. In reality, it

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